New European Season, ArchClient 2.0, Class Balances & $500USD 3v3 Arena Tournament

23 November 2019 (17:09) by Archlight Team

Archlight: Champions of Arena  

Launches December 6th at 8:00am PT / 11:00am ET / 16:00 GMT / 17:00 CET

Character Name Reservation & Creation Opens November 30th at 8:00am PT / 11:00am ET / 16:00 GMT / 17:00 CET

EU Server going offline on November 25th

After our largest EU Season ever, which reached nearly double any previous records on our EU Server, we are very excited to follow that up and grow the EU server to be an even larger success. Generally this is sooner than we would do a new EU Season, however, with christmas break soon approaching, we want to kick the season off before that begins so players have all christmas break to enjoy a fresh new European Season and enjoy all the festivities we have planned for the Christmas Season!  

We are super excited to share all the stuff coming to make this EU season fuckin epic and the most competitive season yet! Let's see if we can surpass all of last EU season's hype and records ;)


Arch Client v2.0

This is something we've been quite excited about as a team for awhile, but have been biting our tongues from sharing anything about it outside of a small beta testing group (however, of course i'm sure some has been leaked about it!).  

At the start of this latest NA season we launched a fundraising event to attempt to raise money towards purchasing the source for many massive improvements to our existing client, however, unfortunately, while many do use Global Potions, they were barely a drop in the bucket in raising what we needed. To be more accurately, about 1/3rd of what we needed to raise.  

However, as a team, we felt that this would be a huge breakthrough for Archlight, and I took out a company loan to purchase the source code. Obviously quite the investment and ultimately risk for our team, but it will allow 100's if not 1000's that couldn't play Archlight previously due to the heaviness of the client (primarily us drawing multiple X more tiles than the cipsoft client), as well as will make the experience significantly more enjoyable for everyday players - having an auto updater, smoothened connection and player walking at any ping levels up to even 250ms, significantly improved FPS performance and so much more...

This is something we have been working very hard towards as a team, as well as merging in the purchased source, to make a powerful new version 2.0 of our game client.

Without further delay.. here are the features of the new ArchClient 2.0.


Features of v2.0 ArchClient

Rewritten and optimized rendering (60 fps on 11 year old laptop)

DirectX9 and DirectX11 support

Adaptive rendering (automated graphics optimizations)

Rewritten light rendering

Rewritten path finding and auto walking - smoother, cleaner, faster.

Rewritten walking system - smoother, cleaner, faster.

HTTP lua API with JSON support

Auto updater for new client patches

New filesystem

File encryption and compression

Automatic diagnostic system

New crash and error handler

New HTTP login protocol

Updated hotkey manager

Updated and optimized battle list

Crosshair & extra health/mana bars/panels

Removed a lot of useless and outdated things

[WIP] Mobile App for quick login authentication

[WIP] External Bot Protection & Detection

[WIP] Support for inclient proxies to further lower ping connection by up to 40% with direct routes to our servers based on your location

*WIP things are not finished yet, but will come in the future

Here you can see on an old laptop, the before and after with our new client (FPS and Ping)

Class Balances

A huge topic for our team over the last month and a half has been doing a very large class balance, trying to rework or rebalance every single class on Archlight.  

For those of you who dont know, class balance is far, far, from as simple as many of the top tier game designers we have in our discord general chat may think. It requires alot of foresight, brainstorming, constant reworking, reiterations and feedback for future reiterations.

In October we put together a balance committee, which was a group of players we felt could give good insight and feedback on our planned changes. This process was quite a lengthy one, where we initially had all players fill out a questionaire on every class rating them on their pvp ability, solo ability, team ability, farming ability, and more. After that, we compiled the results and targetted any extreme weaknesses, extreme "broken" aspects, and ultimately worked on bringing the weaker classes up to par, and "op" classes down a bit. After that, each day we would as a group discuss balance changes to a single class, some days resulting in 10000+ words of discussion. From there we created planned balance changes, tested them, and then presented them for final feedback. This was quite the serious undertaking of time for our team, but something we felt was very important to helping cater a competitive environment for **all classes** in Archlight.

The following changes are still somewhat subject to change as we do further tests, but will likely be what will be in on launch of the new season. Theres alot of them... so hold on tight..!


All Classes

All legendary spells now have a 90 second base cooldown (before any CDRs).

All Artifacts will now properly scale their effects (this seems to be the primary reason some felt trash).

The minimum healing (to health and/or mana) amount on Silver Mage, Fighter and Specialist rune emblems has been increased by 100%, the max has not changed.

Damage of Richochet bounces have been changed to increase per bounce, instead of decrease.


Sorcerer Changes

Infinite Runes Avalanache and Great Fireball now able to be used in the Archbot as an alternative to Infinite Sudden Death Rune.

Sorcerers will now have a new spell called Arcane Shield giving them +10% Resistance in exchange for -10% Damage. It is toggleable like mana shield.

Sorcerers will now have a new spell called Fire Shield, giving them +5% Damage and -10% Resistance. It is toggleable like mana shield.


Druid Changes

Vine Beam now has 3 square longer range.

Hell Artifact will no longer give a paralizing effect to frost grenade, but will rather apply a DOT that deals 50% of the base damage as a dot to all targets hit after 0.5s.

Subzero now applies a snow effect around the caster for 5 seconds, any creature that is hit will be slowed by 50%. If hit, they will also receive a 5 second DOT that will apply 50% of the spells based damage over the duration.  


Archer Changes

Soul Rune has been changed to Flaming Split Shot - Shoots an arrow at a target, splitting when it hits them into 3 arrows hitting other targets for fire damage. After use will also increase the Archers movement speed by 20% for 5 seconds.

Archers base attack speed has been increased by 20%.

Archers Grace cooldown has been increased by 3s.


Berserker Changes

When a berserker uses their lifesteal spell, all forms of damage (attacks, spells, etc) will deal 20% less damage. Meaning berserkers will have to decide if they want to output the maximum amount of damage, sacrificing their sustain, or leaning towards sustain and tankability in leu of maximum dps.


Guardian Changes

Enflaming will now always deal a base damage of 2x the players power.

Guardian Legendary Spell is now invulnerable however will only last for 5 seconds.


Bard Changes

Party Buff Spells will no longer require all party members to be in the vicinity, and now can still be used if players from the party are not nearby, however players not nearby will not receive the buff.

The Legendary Spell Summon Scaling has been buffed by 300%

Music Strike has been buffed by 40%


Monk Changes

Fire Spirit Absorb will now apply the damage around the user, rather than just in a t shape infront of the user.

Resistance and Attack speed from Absorb spirit have been nerfed by 50% - This is because of a fix to the Artifact Scaling which will scale these up to where they are balanced to be.

Monks have received a new spell called Channel Spirit. This will function the same as Absorb Spirit, where it will absorb a spirit, and based on the spirit will apply a buff for the entire party. With 5 minute uptime and a 5 minute cooldown on use.

Channel "Water spirit 10% Haste to team

Channel "Earth spirit 5% resistance to team

Channel "Fire spirit 10% Strength to team

Channel Energy Spirit 10% Arcane to team

Multiple monks in the same party can all buff the party but they must be different channels, the same wont stack.

The cooldown to cast Summon Spirit spells has been increased from 2 seconds to 6 seconds.

Auto Attacks Damage has been buffed by 10%

All Kick spells (Normal and Backkicks) have had their damage increased by 15%


Necromancer Changes

Witch's Hourglass now properly does 50% damage in pvp.  

Damage of Witch's Hourglass, Witch's Cauldron and Mind Seizure have been increased by 30%.

The Necromancer Legendary Summon has been buffed by 300%.

The scaling at different parts of the game for Necromancer's Summons have been rebalanced as well.


Rogue Changes

Throwing Knife will now bounce to two targets, dealing 50% damage to bounced targets.

Shadowstep and Blinkstep Damage has been buffed by 35%.

Smokebomb now also applies a 60% slow, giving it utility in PvP situations.

Fan of Knives cooldown has been increased from 4 seconds to 6 seconds, but the damage has been increased by 12.5%


Corsair Changes

Dice roll will now tell you what your party received when the roll happens, either saying **BUST** **+RESIST** **+EXP** **+JACKPOT**

Diceroll will now BUST on a 1, on a 2-3 Resistance buff, 4-5 Exp Buff, 6 Damage Buff, Exp Buff and Resistance Buff (Party Gains all 3).

Attack speed buff spells (Flask of Gin, Extra shot of Gin) will now instead be cooldown reducing spells for Corsairs. Their effectiveness has been lowered by 30% however their cooldown has been reduced from 120s to 60s.

Corsair Legendary Spell has been buffed by 300%


Gunslinger Changes

Outlaw ammo damage bonus has been lowered by 20%.

Summons will now return to the gunslinger after they are 6 tiles away instead of 8 tiles away.

Heaven Artifact will now scale at 2.5% to start, and increase by 0.5% per level up, like how all other artifacts will now behave.

Auto Attack Damage has been lowered by 10%

Attack Speed has been lowered by 10%

The paralyze of Disengage has been increased by 15%

The damage of Gunslinger Soul Rune, Combo Shot, Concussive Shot have all been increased by 15%

Damage of Clear Shot buff from Trickster increased from 5% to 10%

Addressed an issue with T2 Soul Rune not being much stronger than T1 Soul Rune.


Tamer Changes

Boar Stun has been changed to be a 50% paralyze for 2 seconds

When Bolas spell is used it increases your pets movement speed by 60% for 2 seconds.

All pets have had their damage reduced by 10% other than boars

All pets have had their health lowered by 20%

The scaling at different parts of the game for Tamer's Pets have been rebalanced as well.

On Saturday December 28th at 10:00am PT we will be having a $500USD Prizepool 3v3 Arena Tournament on Archlight EU.  

For anyone who hasn't tried our new Arena System - We have implemented a new Arena 3v3 Arena system where players can team up and challenge eachother in a 100% balanced PvP environment, where nothing is carried over and everyones character is completely even with eachother allowing for a purely skill based competitor battle.  

This means this tournament will prove and reward the truly best Archlight pvp-er and pvping team. It will be the ultimate claim to fame. The Arena is available right on EU Launch, so players and teams can start practicing for the tournament as soon as they want!

The prizepool of the tournament is as follows.

1st Place - $300USD & Exclusive Santa Immortal Outfit (T4 Outfit) & 12 Cosmetic Tokens & Arena Tournament Champion Rank on Discord  

2nd Place - $200USD & 6 Cosmetic Tokens

All teams who show up and compete in the tournament will receive 1500 Coins & a Seasonal Santa Knight Outfit (T3 Outfit)

*Players can opt to receive 1.5x the prizepool value in coin bundles (comes with living tokens, cosmetic tokens as usual) instead of USD.

*Players will be paid tournament winnings via Paypal.

Any player attempting to play on multiple teams, whether with the same character or an alt, will be permanently banned (on all accounts they possess) as well as any team members that we prove to be aware of them attempting this. We will be looking into all players during and after the event.

Players can register a team for this event starting on December 21st simply by posting in the Discord Channel - Arena Tournament - with their Arena Teams Name as well as all 3 members in-game names (Make sure you have first registered a team in the Team Arena in-game).

Players have until December 28th 8:00am PT to register a team for the Tournament.

All teams competing will be required to have ALL MEMBERS "check-in" by latest 30 minutes prior to the event starting at 9:30am PT, check-in will be open 60 minutes prior at 9:00am PT. If any member is not present before 9:30, the team will not be able to compete.

Arena Tournament Champion Rank - This role is displayed seperately from other roles in our discord, and will give the user a Gold Title in our Discord.


Global Potion Changes

After gathering alot of data from Global Potions, we have made changes to the following potions.

Monster Essence Potions have been changed from 20% server / 35% guild / 50% personal buff, to 25% / 35% / 50%

Energy Potion has been changed from a 100% / 200% / 300% energy regen buff to 500% / 1000% / 1500% buff.

Gathering Potion potion has been changed to be 25% / 35% / 50%.


Darksteel Lever Mechanics

Darksteel lever mechanics will be reset to a new combination every season moving forward. We found this added a fresh spin to the mechanic for the new season. However, 6  s is alot to figure out every single season for a lower-mid level quaest. We have changed the amount of levers from 6 to 4.  


Olympus Quest Box Changes

T7 Quest Boxes from Olympus have had all normal soils/upgraders removed, and their chance of dropping a surging gem increased from 15% to 33%. They will now always drop an awakened stone, large stat stone, relic stone or surging gem.

We didn't implement these gems to be something endgame players simply run the quests 3-4 times and have full surging gems slotted. These are meant to be rare and limited.


New Ingame Obtained Cross-Server Cosmetics for Our Christmas Events!

We have a very large christmas event planned this year again, which will include over a dozen different decorations players can obtain, a Yeti Mount, a Christmas Snorlax, a Santa Hat Knight and so much more! With new in-game obtained cross-server cosmetics, make sure to hop on EU and obtain these new cosmetics during the festive season!

Livestream Announcement

22 November 2019 (16:44) by Archlight Team

New European Season Announcement, ArchClient 2.0, $500USD Arena Tournament, $200 in Coin Giveaways During Stream & Much More - Livestream at on November 23rd (Saturday/Tomorrow) at 10:00am PT (18:00GMT / 19:00 CET) - Follow now to get notified so you dont miss the livestream!  

A little taste of the 2.0 ArchClients performance on an older laptop vs the current 1.0 Client.. More details in tomorrows livestream!

Patch November 8th

08 November 2019 (14:22) by Archlight Team


Otherworld Seal Quest Changes

   Now illusionists bosses will only spawn the wraith once

   Wraiths melee damage reduced by 25%

   Wraiths beam mechanic damage reduced by 25%

  Wraiths square mechanic has been removed.


Gods of Olympus Changes

   Bosses received threat meter

   Bosses rate of casting spells were reduced/slowed to be easier to dodge

   Damage from Stone Shower spell from Stone Hydras were reduced.

   Skinning mission on Stheno Island now sends a message when the player fails

   Fixed issue where summons were not taking damage to a bunch of spells

   Fixed issue where Euryale didn't create summons when trapped

   Fixed issue where you were able to enhance the noxious heart more than once.

   Fixed issue where the envenom spell were not increasing damage over each tick.

   Fixed issue where Stheno didn't move after teleporting.

   Fixed issue where a Stone Ogre's spell and Stheno's mechanic were paralyzing players when casted, not when hitting.


God Spells Changes


Fixed issue where you were not able to heal while the spell was active



Fixed issue where players were getting stuck when pressed against a wall

Fixed issue where you weren't able to use stairs if the spell were used near one



Now it'll follow the caster.



Formula has been readjusted, now it'll consider your main skill value instead of ML and the max HP percentage has been reduced.



Players who have bought hades outfit before the (last) fixing patch will now receive all addons upon logging in

After starting a task you'll be redirected to the availables tasks instead of active tasks (in the next client build patch this window will have a button to go back to the active window)

Fierce Dragon Hatchling corpse id changed

Event broadcasts are now being sent to the broadcast channel

It is now possible for party leaders to kick members with the command /kickparty name

Unable to wield fishing rods unless you have the required fishing level

When using a global potion, you are now presented with the option as to whether you want your name to be visible or be anonymous

Fixed the issue causing the recent crashes

Disabled the DPS category for Leaderboards

Bard's Soul Rune will from now on only be 50% effective in PvP (we will be reworking the logic on how buffs stack, but this will require a good deal of time testing to make sure it remains balanced)

Fixed an issue with Clone Jutsu (magic walls/wild growth will no longer get destroyed)

Nerfed the Awakening effect of Regeneration Hymm & Precision Slice by 50%

Members that have joined a guild recently will no longer be able to contribute XP-wise until they have been a member for 5 days. This is to prevent MC/Alt abuse.



Profession enhancements and buffs are now disabled during the fight and wont benefit players (as we want it to be a fully even fight on both sides).

Players in non-pz tiles won't be teleported to battlegrounds when they begin, and must be in PZ.

Weapon upgrades have been fixed.



Setup duration has been extended to 5 minutes (this will expedite however if both sides have their settings set or loaded - but it allows new arena players time to adequately do their settings).

The Arena base settings have been significantly lowered to reflect a more enjoyable pvp tier to make for better Arena matches. We plan to continue fine tuning this with time!

Tutorial has been added for arena. It can be accessed via '!arena help' or as a pop-up first time players join an area.

Fixed a bug with loading default setup for vocations with two identical weapons. 

Prevent players from throwing equipment on the ground.