Catchup Experience & Free T3 Mount

10 October 2019 (23:31) by Archlight Team

Tomorrow we will be activating Catch-Up Experience & Giving everyone a *free tier 3 mount as an apology for the week of latency issues, ddos, and delays to global potions.  

Vast majority have been solved, and the last couple issues we will be solving very soon (but they have been quite a large amount of work).  

We are activating Catchup Experience a week earlier than usual as the South American playerbase was virtually unable to play for the first few days of launch, and this is our way of giving back and allowing them to catchup to the existing playerbase to add some heat ;)

The Catchup Experience & Free Mount will go Live at 11:00am PT tomorrow. (15:00 Brazil Time).

A little update

05 October 2019 (18:01) by Archlight Team

A little update from our team <3

The last 28 hours have obviously not gone how we would of liked. What we felt was an expansion we were very prepared for, went sideways due to many factors we could not control, but in the future will do a heck of a better job for-seeing.

It's been an emotional rollercoaster for our team. We significantly broke and passed all previous records for character creation, and up to launch we were shaping up to easily break 1000 concurrent. That exceptional high came with a huge low, having website issues and latency issues ingame. While these weren't too severe for NA players (however being very annoying and making it difficult to play), this was exponential for our south american player base, making the game entirely unplayable for 99% of them.

This breaks our heart when we worked so hard, and there was so much hype leading in. But we will recapture that. We have sent out word to alot of our partners with groups of 100+ following them to Archlight that majority of the latency issues have been resolved, and we are hard at work solving the last issues. Our entire teams main focus is solving these issues and other minor but urgent bugs that may pop up.

Unfortunately this put a huge wrench in our plans and timelines and so we have had to delay some things on our end. This is the planned timeline for the following features, we believe some we may deliver before the timeline, but we want to air on the side of caution to ensure we can deliver these timelines.

Sunday: Global Potions available for use

Monday: Heirlooms Pushed

Tuesday: Account Linking & Exclusives Available

As a team we're very disappointed and bummed out in the last 28 hours, none of us enjoy working 24+ hours straight, going 24+ hours without food, and not being able to simply enjoy everyones excitement during a new season. We hope you guys understand how hard we work to make this all happen, and how hard we will continue to work to improve the situation.

Under 20 Hours Until Launch!

03 October 2019 (17:10) by Archlight Team

Under 20 hours until North America Season 3!!

Hades Warlord & Cerberus Mount 

Cross-Server Exclusives


On launch, both the incredibly epic Hades Warlord & Cerberus mount will be available from the Living Token Exchanger for only 8 Living Tokens! The mount and outfit are both cross-server exclusives, meaning not only will you get it back automatically every season, but you will also receive a copy for free on your EU account if purchased on NA!  

Both outfits are T3 Health/Mana Outfits giving you a passive benefit to your health and mana pools!


Promotion Video

We have an epic new promotion video coming out on Archlight - It's currently being finished editing, and will be shown on nearly a dozen youtube channels throughout their videos, reaching over 100,000 viewers total each "batch" of videos, likely reaching a total exposure of 1,000,000 viewers this month! Not only are we excited for this epic trailer because it shows off what is the largest (literally) boss fight we've made to date, but it also will reach thousands that have never heard of Archlight before and take our community to the next level!

We are raising $7200USD for a massive client improvement and update. A third party we work with / have worked with on several prior things have made a massive update to the client we use. Not specifically our client (as ours is far advanced to the base released version) but to the base released code. Of course, this isn't free, and they want money to have access to the source code (allowing us to merge our client with their improvements). This is quite an exciting oppertunity as it is a fraction of the cost it would cost us to develop all these features for the Arch Client, and delivers countless things that players have been begging for for quite some time now (DirectX support, Optimizations, Auto Updater, Proxy System & more!), however we dont have the money to do it without your guys help!  

We have updated the global boost system to be much more relevant/useful (in many ways inspired by Deathzot's system), and remain a global boost to the entire server! (Notes of all their changes at the end)!

Any revenue received from these new global boosts will go directly to funding these client improvements! These improvements are all already completed and as soon as we meet our goal, they would be implemented very soon after!  

Unfortunately, the usual revenue is what goes into day to day operations, expansions/new content development, bug fixing & more, we know this is not something we can do with the current season-to-season budget, atleast not for a year+ without something like this, and I think we speak for everyone where this would be a game changer for our project and community's growth & success.

We believe strongly we can hit this goal for the client overhaul with how large the playerbase is looking for NA Season 3!

The supportive community and your contributions aren’t going to any institution, they are going to ideas and people whom they believe in. We believe in you our player base, and our foundation of our promise to quality. We want to be able to provide you the very top of the line, but we want to show you how much we appreciate you. Grab a boost bottle, pop a cork, boost your community, compete for streak bonuses, and most importantly lift yourself to new heights! Thanks so much to everyone who helps us achieve this goal!


Things that would come to our client!


Many, many, optimizations, which will improve everyones FPS

Adaptive Rendering - Optimizing graphics quality to maintain atleast 60 fps.

New Light Rendering - Improving the rendering & efficiency of light effects.


DirectX9, DirextX11, Desktop GL and GL ES Support

This is massive for our South American playerbase, but also any player with a less powerful computer/laptop. This will allow our client to run almost everywhere.


Significantly Smoother Walking, Even Smoother Than Cipsofts


New Autowalking & Async Path Finding

Fixes the slight lag when you click the minimap for your character to start running, making long distance combat/gameplay significantly smoother as well as cleaner path finding and less "wtf" moments.


Automatic Proxy System

This system will reduce everyones ping, whether connecting from SA, NA or Europe to any of our servers, without giving up your true IP address, meaning you wont be flagged as an "mc" or hit the MC limit.


Foreign Bot Detection

This will allow us to detect any foreign bot being used on Archlight in an attempt to cheat.


Auto Updater

No more need to redownload the entire client every update... Simply updates your client when you try to login if a new version exists and will only download the updated files not the entire client again. This will also prevent the windows bug where some people lose their settings when they update.


Automatic Diagnostic Tools

This is amazing for us as developers to find issues/exploits very quickly and without any doubt/concern where its coming from.


New Crash Handler

This will make it so anytime a client crashes, it will automatically send very detailed information to our team on how the crash happened and how we can fix it from happening again.


And Much Much More

There is far more as well, but most are less significant/relevant to the average player  


Global Potion Changes

NEW Streaks

Anytime a potion starts consecutively after another potion (without any downtime between - so was "pre-queued") it will be 12.5% more effective for the guild and the single player stacking up to 8 times (for 100% total additional bonus)!


Potion Changes

UPDATED Global Experience Potion - Increases all forms of experience by 25% for the server, 50% for the guild, 75% for the player (Dungeon boxes, tasks, creatures, etc)

UPDATED Global Energy Potion - Increases energy gain of server by 100% for 2 hours, 200% for guild, 300% for player.

NEW Global Monster Essence Potion - Increases chance of monster essence for entire server by 20%, 35% for the guild, 50% for the player.

NEW Global Dungeon Potion - Increases the amount of dungeon boxes by 25% for the server, 50% for the guild, 100% for the player. (25% = 1/4 chance for an extra box)

NEW Global Gathering Potion - Increases materials obtained from gathering by 25% for server, 50% for guild members, 75% for player (25% = 1/4 chance for an extra material)


Corsair Balances

Run the Barrel damage buffed by 4%

Skull Cracker will now slightly reduce the Threat on bosses

Dead Eye damage has been buffed by roughly 20%

Required level for cannon barrage lowered from 900 > 600

Flask of Rum Healing buffed by 4%

Bottle of Rum Healing buffed by 8%

Increased the AOE size of the Soul Runes by 1 tile.

Corsair melee damage increased by 17.5% (It will now deal slightly more than their distance attack, but with higher risk getting into close combat)

Health of Blue Coats (Corsair Legendary Spell Summons) increased by 100%

There are further reworks we would like to make to Corsair's however they demand alot more time and will come in the future.


Donations are NOW OPEN for Archlight North America Season 3  

As many of you already know (based on people already donating), donations are open for Archlight NA Season 3. Often times we have bottleneck issues with paypal on launch, which at times results in 1-2 hour delays on coins, we believe we will not have these issues this time around as we made some restructuring to the way payments are handled, however, if you want to guarantee your coins/lats are waiting for you on login, you can pre-purchase through our website now!