2x Dungeons This Weekend

22 October 2019 (12:07) by Archlight Team

This weekend all Dungeons will drop 2x Boxes (Yes, this means 2x the Halloween Rewards too) - on NA & EU.

Patch Notes October 19th

18 October 2019 (18:20) by Archlight Team

October 19th 11:00am PT

Halloween Event, Catch-Up Pouches, 100% Bonus Base Monster Essence Find Weekend, Heaven & Hell Tasks, FI Missions, PokeChess Balances!

Halloween Event

The Depot and close surroundings areas have been Halloweenified!  

New Trader NPC added in depot that will trade you special rewards for your help retrieving pumpkins to him! 

(What he does with them... no one knows.. pumpkin smoothies perhaps)

Pumpkins are obtained by completing dungeons (they are inside dungeon boxes as an additional 4th reward). Unlike past events, you cannot purchase the event currency with LAT's and can only obtain them by playing.

Half a dozen new rewards are available from the pumpkin trader, including several new cosmetics.

Big Pumpkin Mount (Tier 3 HP/MP Mount) (Exclusive)

Small Pumpkin Mount (Tier 2 Skill Mount)

Pumpkin Knight (Tier 2 HP/MP outfit)

Regrade Keys (Crystal, Mythic, Cloud and Bone)

Archlight Keys


2 New Cosmetics Available from the LAT Exchanger

Halloween Exclusive Ghastly Mount (Tier 4 HP/MP Mount) (4 LAT's)

Halloween Cross-Server Exclusive Pumpkin Wings (Tier 4 Monster Essence Find and T4 HP/MP (3% and 1%/1%)) (8 LAT's) 


Catch-Up Pouches are now obtained from Dungeons!

This is implemented 1 week earlier than usual to help the large influx of SA players that are back playing with more controlled ping! 


Guild Sieges Activated  

(This weekend will be the first bidding for next Saturday's Siege)


6 New Mounts have been made available from the Mentor Token NPC 

All 6 Mounts are T4 Mounts, 3 are skill, 3 are health/mana. Each mount is 50 Mentor Tokens (These were meant to be on launch, but we're missed by accident)


18 Heaven & Hell Tasks Added

These were meant be added in the past, but the NPC's weren't properly added into the game. They are now available. Each task will yield a solid amount of Artifact Experience that can be done every 48 hours. This will help move Artifact Exp along faster without the need to grind creatures for as long.


New Forgotten Island missions have had the amount of Forgotten Gold and Rep Fixed  

(they were the default values by mistake)  

Before all were giving 20 Forgotten Gold & 30 Rep - Updated amounts


Marine Biologist - 50 rep, 10fg

Treasure Hunter

Dryads - 50 rep, 10fg

Goblins - 45 rep, 9fg

Martial Artist - 40 rep, 8fg

Medicine Researcher - 60 rep, 12fg

Passage Scout - 40rep, 7fg


Rumrunner Bay

Leno The Whisperer - 100 rep, 18fg

Arani The Infiltrator - 110rep, 20fg

Umac Dragonslayer - 110 rep, 20fg

Navy Outcast - 80 rep, 15fg


Azmar Sands

Klaus - 200 rep, 28fg

Gale - 225 rep, 30fg

Franklin - 250 rep, 32fg



Minor optimizations to reduce lag upon joining a larger dungeon/quest/or rampart

Dungeon boxes and experience at end can only be claimed after clearing at least 80% of the dungeon now, this is because halloween and future event rewards will be within dungeon chests (to avoid abuse)


Bounty Boosts

There is no longer a limit to how many stamina boosts you can purchase throughout a day (like how it was before)


Pokemon Autochess is now open 24 hours a day

PokeChess Balances  

Paras special duration (passive sleep) 8s - > 3s

Parasect special duration (passive sleep) from 2s->4s

Cubone attack from 32->34

Bellsprout attack from 27->29

Pidgeotto special from 350 ->300

Staryu attack 27 -> 30

Staryu special from 100 attack -> 125 attack

Starmie special from 100 attack -> 150 attack

Dewgong health from 1625 -> 1700

Slowpoke attack from 28 -> 30

Horsea attack from 20 -> 23

Seadra attack from 50 -> 60


Flying passive from 75% damage increase -> to 65% increase

Poison type bonus from 3 & 6 -> 2 & 4

Psychic type bonus from 3 for 30% and 6 for 60% - > to 2 for 25% and 4 for 50%


Mankey cost changed from 1 > 2

Mankey attack changed from 25 > 30


Sandshrew changed from field/ground -> monster/ground

Sandslash changed from field/ground -> monster/ground


Fearow AI (round 3) hp changed from 1250 > 1200


Forsaken/Demonforged Sets

Fixed an issue where they couldn't be upgraded properly due to not having base values (skill, essence, resistance)


Misc Fixes

Fixed woodworking furniture coming unwrapped.

Fixed being able to use the same kind of woodworking furniture multiple times (It was meant for these to be 1 time use and not stack).

Descriptions of Elixirs Fixed.

Fixed Extra Large Health Infusion being unusable.

Fixed visual bug of elixirs not being displayed (swiftness and resistance).

Quest items (i.e. sacrificial items) will display whether they're usable or not by looking at them.

Fixed an issue where reforged mastercrafted and forgemaster weapons couldn't have their ashen dust removed by a mimic scroll.

Fixed an issue where wild growths couldn't be cut down when there were a fresh corpse beneath.

Fixed a visual bug with Resistance (where players could make it appear they had more resistance than they actually did).


Halloween on Archlight

17 October 2019 (15:57) by Archlight Team

October 19th Halloween is coming to Archlight