Additional Patch Notes for Champions of Arena!

03 December 2019 (15:58) by Archlight Team

Under 72 hours to go until launch... and it's shaping up to be a huge new EU season! Our team is super excited for this Friday seeing how much attention the new season has already received, and we will be working exceptionally hard this weekend to make sure it goes super smooth for everyone!

We have a huge wall of patch notes attached below for the new season (these will also come to NA the same day!) but first a couple common questions we've been getting from players.

Many have been asking about what the doorbusters will be for the new Season. We decided to only do one doorbuster for this season, but it's an epic one...

Behold, the Shadow Talon!

This mount can be obtained for 8 LAT's from the Living Token Exchanger.

It comes with the passive bonus of +1% HP/MP, +8 Skill Value and +2% Monster Essence Find. Giving it a +40 Power Passive.

This mount is a cross-server exclusive so you will receive it on both your EU & NA Accounts!

Additionally, if you want to pre-donate for the season (to avoid any possible launch payment processing congestion), you are officially able to as of these patch notes going live! Any donation made will be waiting on your account ready for you on launch!

Additional Patch Notes for Champions of Arena

New Donation Pack Added For An Extra Bonus, Old One Removed;

The 3.29€ donation option has been removed, as it was virtually never used (4-5 times per season)

A new donation option has been added after 1-2 years of constant requests for a larger pack, especially after we reduced the packs by 25%. A 239.00€ - with a 10% larger coin bonus over the 119.00€ pack has now been added.

Donations will now all also come with Royal (Guild) Feathers, 75 per living token received. These feathers can be turned in to earn your guild experience towards guild levels.


Added Emoji Function to the Chat

Many new emotes have been added

Auto-complete feature like discord

Emoji list button

Emoji support on on-screen messages

Emotes will now be displayed properly in private messages and messages above your character.


Bounty System

- It'll now prioritize the creatures you have access to. It means that you have a "higher chance" to draw creatures that you can reach.


Test of Strength/Skill

- Now has the same list than Bounty System, giving it significantly more variety and depth. Also it'll exclusively only give tasks of creatures you have access to.



- Disabled levitate spells during the evdent

- Added an option for enabling/disabling God and Legendary spells

- Added an option to forfeit during the battlegrounds using '!forfeit' command for guild leaders

- Fixed a bug where guilds with unavailable guild leaders would be joined to the battlegrounds nonetheless



- New private invitation mode: Use "!arena invite" to invite a team for a private game



- You're now able to use the Olympus Stone from any PZ if you wish by paying a 100k gold fee.


Siege Event

- Fixed an issue where winners whom had won previous week's siege lost their wings upon re-winning

- Ballista rejoining the event after being absent due to an issue with its targeting


Class Changes/Fixes


- Fixed bug with quick button where it didn't allow the player to summon more than one creature of the same type. It'll also no longer require to be targeting a creature to be casted.

- Demonic Bloodfiend has been added to quick button options.

- Logic from the DoT bot reworked, unused/nonexistent spells removed.

- Soul rune T1/T2 will now properly factor in runemastery and rune level on the first impact hit.

- Soul rune T2's damage has been increased (was currently almost the same as T1)



- Hell artifact changed to be applied to the spell Reaping instead of Shadowfang. The effect hasn't changed.



- Legendary spell damage increased by 40%.

- Final Note had its range changed from 3 to 6.



- Legendary spell will now last for 10s instead of the recent change to 5s. It will be invincible that entire duration still.



- Legendary spell will no longer require to sacrifice a summon.

- Channel Spirit will no longer interfer with Absorb Summon cooldown.



- Phantom Apparition will no longer require a target to be casted.



- Enraging is now useable on wands.

- Richochet T3 damage increased on the first bounce from 100% to 120%.

- Iron Ore Vein sprites have been replaced with a new sprite that is much, much easier to see.

- Players are now able to wield items based on their effective skill/profession level, not the base

- Fixed an issue where magic walls/wild growths couldn't be placed on corpses

- Inspecting a baby sea serpent token will now show the correct stats boost

- Fixed an issue with market/auto loot where item's transformed state were shown instead of their non-transformed state

- Fixed an issue where certain values weren't being re-sent to the client upon reconnecting (i.e. achievement points, regeneration)

- You will now be able to see which gems a mimic scroll contains upon inspection

- Fixed an issue with the PvP mode system (i.e. Dove Mode) where players kept being focused on their target despite not dealing any damage

- Gorgon Lion corpses will now be movable

- Restored pillars in the battle against Scourge Prince (CoM) will no longer multiply at times

- Possessed Dream's minions will now attack players and their summons in Azmar Sands

- Raid & Event messages will be shown in game window and broadcast channel (different colors, i.e. green for events and red for raids) going forward

EU Character Name Reservation Open!

29 November 2019 (15:31) by Archlight Team

Character Creation & Name Reservation is now OPEN on -  All our advertising for the new season goes live in 2 days, so if you are partial to a name, make sure to reserve it ASAP before it's taken!

As well, if you didn't see above, the open beta version of the new v2.0 ArchClient is now available for testing! As mentioned, please report any/all bugs to #archlight-client-v2-bug-reports

New 2.0 ArchClient

28 November 2019 (17:36) by Archlight Team

1. The 2.0 Arch Client will be AVAILABLE FOR ALL TO TRY on the North American Server starting tomorrow at 10:00am PT.  

2. Character Creation & Name Reservation for the EU Server will be available tomorrow at the same time.

3. (Well, just see the graphic :CoolCat: ) - This is for payments via Paypal and Pagseguro